Little BESS Proposals

Almost lost in the public noise on the topic of Big BESS, a further two BESS project proposals were floated by other proponents. Each was significantly smaller. Opting not to reject a proposal that had not been received, Council tasked staff to report back to Council with their recommendation. The staff report is reported in the agenda of the January 31 Council meeting here.

  • THAT Council pass the following Municipal Support Resolution, as required by the Independent
    Electricity Systems Operator, providing evidence of municipal support for the Mowbray West and Mowbray East Battery Energy Storage System project proposed by Abundant Energy at 500
    Mowbray Road (Project MCML_81) and 493 Mowbray Road (MCML_82)

    Motion: ‘The Council of Prince Edward County supports the development, construction and operation of the Long-Term Reliability Projects on the Municipal Lands.’

Going against staff’s recommendation for council to approve the municipal support resolution for the proposed Abundant Solar Energy project (a requirement by the Independent Electricity Systems Operator (IESO), the recorded vote lost 8-5.

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